For My Life Plan a Person-Centered Planning Guide

Begin by creating account with AIRLIFT. You'll need to provide some basic personal information so you can later log yourself back into the account and revisit your plans.

Once you've successfully created an account you will be asked to pay for your subscription. Once this has been completed you will be presented with your dashboard.

Next select a plan you wish to complete. Follow the on screen information. My Life Plan will allow you to answer question by typing in web form fields.

Can't finish it all in one sitting? Click "BACK TO DASHBOARD" on the bottom of the screen which saves your information for later and brings you back to your inbox.

Select the Next and Previous buttons to navigate between screens. Information you entered is automatically saved when moving between screens.

Your guide, completed or in progress will be listed in the inbox on your dashboard.
You can select each plan you've previously worked on and revisit it.

If you want to print a plan, select the print icon. If you want to delete a plan, select the delete icon.

If you want to send a plan to a case manager, select the send icon and type the email address of the person you wish to send the plan to.
The person will receive an email invitation to create an account with AIRLIFT and the plan will automatically show up in the case managers inbox.
The case manager has the ability to view and print your plan.

Need more help?

Visit us at cloudPWR.com and start a chat using the widget on the bottom-right corner of your screen.